In order to give each of our clients better transparency on exactly what we do for you and when we’re doing it, we have started using a project management tool called basecamp to keep track of all the things related to your account such as notes on pending items, files, documents and to do list for your project in one place. This allows us to keep all aspects of your project organized, focused and archived, accessible from any computer with an internet connection, by all involved. It will keep everyone up to date with progress on the project and you will be able to see what day your project is scheduled to be worked on. Also you will be able to see any pending to do list that we need you to complete. (While we strive to keep to our schedules and your to dos as shown in basecamp, occasionally an emergency arises from the house fighting me or a client emergency and your scheduled date might be pushed out)

We will be sending out invitations by the end of January to each of our clients to join our basecamp project management tool if you haven’t already been invited. We invite you to login, set your password and join us in the fun. Feel free to check it out, have a look around, post a comment to a discussion or add a new discussion. The system is very simple to use, so just start using it in the way you think it should be used.

You can edit your contact information, and upload you photo (you don’t have to, it’s just a bit of fun and makes the project more personal for everyone). If you need more assistance, please get in touch by calling the office at 925-349-9075 and we can talk you through the features. If you don’t want daily emails or weekly updates, you can turn off the feature of getting emails as well.

Sometimes our notes are chaotic/cryptic and may not make any sense, please feel free to ask for clarification anytime. Whenever you have some thoughts about the project, or something you’d like me to take a look at, just upload it here and I’ll comment as soon as I can. We check the everything list at the end of each day.

As always we are still available via email, that won’t be going away, neither will a phone call or text message.

You can also book an appt via basecamp, just check the book appt calendar and find an open slot, add your name and time and we will send a confirmation email to you.