Our qualifications are very similar to what a CPA is required to have.  Julie has the same education, experience, continuing education that is required to be a CPA plus some.

CPA Requirements vs Our Qualifications

A CPA must earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.  To obtain the required body of knowledge and to develop the skills and abilities needed to be successful CPAs, students should complete 150 semester hours of education including accounting subjects, business-related subjects, accounting study and ethics study.  Only 24 semester units need to be in accounting and 10 semester units in Ethics.

Julie has a Bachelor Degree in Linguistics from California State University and  a Master of Science Degree in Accountancy from the University of Phoenix. She also has over 150 hours of education in accounting, auditing, taxation, financial reporting, financial statement analysis, internal controls, business, computer science, communications, linguistics,  and of course ethics.

Julie is also interested in pursuing her doctorate in taxation

A CPA must pass all four parts of the CPA Examination, which includes: auditing and attestation, financial accounting and reporting, regulation, and business environment and concepts. A CPA must pass the Professional Ethics Exam from the American Institute of CPAs.

Julie finished the approved CPA Course in June 2013. And the 60 hours CTEC Approved Education Requirements to be a California Registered Tax Preparer. 

disclaimer again: Julie is not currently a certified public accountant

A CPA must pass obtain 1,800 work hours (usually one year) under the direct supervision of an actively licensed CPA.

Julie has over 25 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience combined. Our staff combined has over 40 years of bookkeeping, accounting, technical, networking and database programming experience. Does your accountant have that experience? Think about it. Seriously only one year of experience to do your taxes or managing your books, that’s scary.

Shall complete a minimum of 20 hours in each year of the two-year license renewal period

Julie completes 20 hours of continuing education each year in tax updates, new software, programming, networking. We are always continuing to learn new information to help our clients. If we don’t know the answer, we will research and learn the information. 

and of course we are not certified public accountants, nor have we ever claimed to be!  Although we have a hell of a lot more experience and education than an average CPA.