Its that time of year again, well technically that time of year started last month but I’m a little bit behind or on-time or just barely by the skin of my teeth on time. We are working hard to get all of our clients up-to-date and all requests handled as fast as possible after being “out” sick for a few months. Technically, I’m never out sick for more than a day or two but did have a small setback in August, then again in Sept, snowballing into December but I’m all healed and ready to get through these deadlines…so without further ado..the official deadlines.

1/27/16 = W2s have to be mailed out –  done

2/1/16 = 4th qtr 2015 Sales Tax Return and Payments due – whew, done

2/17/16 = 1099s need to be mailed out to people

2/29/16  = San Francisco Payroll Tax Return due for last year

3/2/16  = FAFSA due for California

3/15/16 = Corporate Tax Returns due

3/31/16 = 1099s must be electronically filed (at this point, no changes can be made)

4/15/16 = Personal Tax Returns due

4/16/16 = I’m going to need a vacation!!