BBB Accreditation Re-Instated 11/24/14

I have been reinstated by BBB, still doing the same thing..bookkeeping, accounting and tax prep services.  Still have an A+ Rating and now their site just says Accredited since 11/24/2014.


BBB Accreditation Removed
Utterly ridiculous, Better Business Bureau just told me that I can’t be accredited through them unless I take tax preparation off my website or have a CPA license. You know how many people prepare taxes that don’t have any kind of license or education. The thing is I always wondered if the only reason I had accreditation with the BBB is because I pay the them each month for the pleasure of having an accreditation. I don’t know that I have gotten any related business through having a BBB Accreditation status either for that matter. I’ve had an A+ Rating since 2008 and now because I don’t have a California Tax Return Preparer license or CPA License, I’m no longer qualified in their eyes to be accredited but I still do bookkeeping and accounting and tax preparation, ridiculous!    Oh well, that saves me $62.00 per month


This is going to be taken down soon but here’s what the BBB website currently says about Chaotic Cancellation as of 8/25/14: